Campbeltown is one of five areas in Scotland categorized as a distinct malt whisky producing region, and is home to the Campbeltown single malts. At one point it had over 30 distilleries and proclaimed itself “the whisky capital of the world.” However, a focus on quantity rather than quality, and the combination of prohibition and the Great Depression in the United States, led to most distilleries going out of business. Today only three active distilleries remain in Campbeltown: Glen Scotia, Glengyle and Springbank.

The McDonnell clan has lived on the Kintyr peninsula for over 2 centuries. The family owned one of the largest distilleries in Campbeltown during the Scotch whisky boom of the early 1900s. After the collapse of Campbeltown’s distilleries, the McDonnell family switched to forestry, or the construction of barrels, for sherry and other whisky producers.

In the past few years the Scottish Whisky Association has granted Campbeltown “regional status,” leading to the increase of distilleries reopening. The McDonnell family has purchased one of these old, run-down distilleries and is ready to help bring the title of “whisky capital of the world” back to Campbeltown.

The Mark

Kintyr Scotch Whisky is aged in sherry oak barrels giving the bold whisky delicate and intricate flavors. This is reflected in the mark with the heavy contrast between the thick and thin strokes. 

The strokes are embellished ever more with the intricate line work reminiscent of the woodcarving done by sailors on the many ships built in Campbeltown. Shipbuilding is also reflected in the boat emblem that has been pulled from the McDonnell family crest.


The tagline is written in Scottish Gaelic and pronounced “jokh myaw’–lish orst.” It means “may we be better acquainted” and is traditionally used as a toast.

The tagline is friendly and embraces the new connoisseurs that are purchasing Kintyr Scotch Whisky.