Nike Air Force 1: Lady Liberty

Nike released a limited edition Air Force 1 coinciding with the Fourth of July in 2015. These shoes had a special heat-sensitive color-changing upper that was based on the Statue of Liberty. The copper color "oxidized" to the mint green color when touched. I dug deep into the statues history to concept two seeding kits.

The first is a materials play. The box was printed with a granite pattern taken from the statues base. The graphic on top takes inspiration from the shoe by using color changing ink. When the graphic is touched the copper ink changes color to the mint green leaving behind the copper foil graphic. Inside the box, the shoes come with a monochromatic American flag, pin set, and granite print 5-panel hat. The hat comes in a smaller box that is printed with "The New Colossus" poem by Emma Lazarus, which was written for the Statue of Liberty and is found on a bronze plaque inside the entrance. The pin set is 7 pins that reference the history of the Air Force 1 shoe. There are 7 pins to emmulate the 7 rays on the Statue of Liberty's crown.

The second seeding kit is based on the history of the statue itself. The Statue of Liberty was a gift from the people of France. It was shipped over in 241 wooden crates. When it arrived in New York City, it spawned the very first ticker tape parade. Interesting facts about the statue are printed on colored ticker tape and used as the filler inside the crate to hold the shoes, a copper bust of the Statue of Liberty, and a custom shoe cleaning kit. A certificate of authenticity with the recipients name and information is placed inside the crate like a shipping manifest. The crate is sealed with one 2-penny copper nail, which references the thickness of the copper skin of the statue, and is shipped with a small copper crowbar to help the recipient open the crate.