Nike NTMxNTC Seeding Kit

These are proposed seeding kits for Nike Tight of the Moment (NTM). Nike releases limited edition tights as part of an ongoing series. Each series is a set of 3 different patterns, with a new release every month. This series centered around 3 international urban areas that influence the running community: Shanghai, Stockholm, and Los Angeles.

Two seeding kits were designed, both packaged with the same contents. The first featured a slide out box. The specific tight pattern is printed on the interior of the sleeve to give a surprise reveal. Upon opening the tight, tote bag, nail polish and nail art are neatly arranged with an information card placed on top. The second kit is a more standard box, where the nail polish and nail art are wrapped inside the tote. This helps save space and reduced costs when producing the box. For both, all the contents except the tight are designed using the same pop color, allowing the tight to be the main feature of the gift.