Outer Space Heaters: Transmissions

The Outer Space Heaters combine the sounds of classic surf, prog and shoegaze influences into a modern mix of cinematic, (mostly) instrumental, science-fiction themed surf/space/post-rock. I was approached to design their second full length album, Transmissions.

The band wanted to keep the logo from their debut album, Desolate Surf, but I was able to convince them that it needed some updating. I kept the shape of the logo while retypesetting the band name. To keep the logo flexible for future album covers, I chose to replace the imagery inside the triangle with the imagery from the current album. For future albums that imagery will continue to change to match the album cover.

Playing on the theme of the band as well as the album title, I chose to combine imagery of the large desert satelite dishes of Goldstone, CA with a bright colorful image of a galaxy cloud. Adding the graphic treatment to the dishes reinforces the visual communication of transmissions eminating from the dishes, while the bright galaxy cloud explodes in the background giving a visual representation of the band's sonic experiments.