PK Perfect Cup

As designers we all drink coffee. And we all believe we have the best way of making that oh so ellusive "perfect cup." For Peet Kegler's 2014-15 holiday gift we set out to find the best way of brewing your morning pick me up. We tried drip, french press, aero press, espresso, even cowboy coffee until we arrived on the one that extracted the most enjoyable flavor from the beans.

Then we sought out to find a vessel to hold such a magnificent brew. We partnered with a local artisan craftsman, Dina No, to have a custom thrown ceramic mug...the Perfect Cup!

I was tasked to create packaging to gift to our very select group of influencers this Perfect Cup. I wanted the packaging to reflect the earthyness off the coffee as well as the ceramic mug, so I kept the color pallete to raw materials and Peet Kegler's brand of red. The Perfect Cup name came from the double entendre of describing the vessel itself and the coffee you would sip from it. I then created icons for each of the finely tuned and thoughtfully written nine steps to achieve the perfect cup of coffee. Each cup was then gently placed inside the box and wrapped with cotton baking twine and it's hand stamped gift tag and delivered to it's new home to spread the word of how to make the Perfect Cup.