REI Packaging

REI tasked us with updating their in-house line of packaging. The current tone was highly technical and often hard to understand to new users of their gear. I wanted to take a more present and conversational tone with the copy and use premium printing techniques to help elevate the packaging.

A wood grain pattern is blind embossed into thick cardstock, alluding to nature without being overt. The color scheme is flipped from the dark greys that REI was using to a lighter and friendlier dusty white with pops of REI's two green brand colors.

There are a series of revels, allowing the customer to find details and messaging throught, such as "FILL ME WITH ADVENTURE" or "GOURMET ISN'T ISOLATED TO THE KITCHEN".

I also created a set of icons and more detailed inforgraphics to help guide the user through some of the product benefits.