Stone & Beam

Stone & Beam is an Amazon Private Label brand of furniture that launched in 2017. I was approached to head up the branding for this new brand launch. Their target audience is young families that are looking for high quality, yet reasonably priced furniture that could be both purchased individually or as an entire set.

This translated into a mark that was soft and friendly, while still retaining a sturdiness that displayed the quality of the furniture. I also designed a suite of sub-marks that could be used in packaging to add to a modern, heritage feel to the brand. Though the initial launch of Stone & Beam didn't include much packaging, I concepted what the packaging would look like if and when they decided to expand the brand into home goods.

I teamed with another designer to help art direct the photostyling of the product photography. We noticed that many of Stone & Beam's competitors had a very similar aesthetic of well lit overly styled photography. We wanted Stone & Beam's photos to have a warm, lived-in feel to them. We achieved this, by having a heavier contrast and lighting with natural light to give the effect of a room being flooded by the late afternoon sun. A layer of film grain was added to the photos to accentuate that warmness. 

We added videos to the product detail pages to show the customer the quality of the products. Keeping with the branded elements, I designed titles and storyboarded the sequencing of the videos.