I was tasked to rework the wordmark for the premium running brand, Tracksmith. The existing wordmark was too delicate and didn't scale well, and was hard to embroider on product. Looking at other script marks, like Rapha, I created a consistant stroke angle, thickened the weight, and removed some of the decorative swashes. Once the wordmark was done, the rabbit now felt out of place, so I converted it to a silhouette. This also made the rabbit more of a standalone icon that could be used in other applications of the brand.

In addition to a new wordmark, Tracksmith was opening a pop-up shop to host events for the Boston Marathon. Tracksmith Athletic Club needed a seperate mark that could be used on limited edition items that would be sold in the store. I created a minimal crest logo that highlighted the new rabbit. The crest could be used without the Tracksmith name as emroidery on garments and with the brand name on other marketing materials and signage.

With the opening of the pop-up store and the brand refresh, Tracksmith wanted an update to the website and email templates. I was tasked with creating a cohesive user experience through type, image usage and structure. I used Tracksmith's eye catching photography and a modular system to let their products tell the story.

For the email templates, again the focus was on imagery. I designed a few different templates to help Tracksmith reach out to existing and new customers. The first was to announce new products, which would use close up photography to help tell the story of the technical details of the product. The second was to remind existing customers about their day to day life, encouraging them to get their run in or to explore new trails. The last was an order summary when a customer made a purchase.